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Winter Storage Tips for RV

We hope that you enjoyed a lot this summer by planning a family trip with an RV. Now it’s time to keep the RV aside until next summer because winter has started. Here we are addressing you with some tips to make your RV ready for the next summer trip.

With all these tips, you can keep your RV very clean and road-ready for your next summer trip. So let’s check it out without any delay.

What you Need to Know When Storing your RV for the Winter


  • Make sure all the electronic appliances on the RV are disconnected. Since winter is a long season, you need to cut the RV power supply by turning off the main breaker, which is on the distribution panel.
  • Also, make sure to defrost your freezer and refrigerator.
  • It is also essential to turn off the LP gas supply valve located on the LP tank.
  • Clean your RV thoroughly to avoid any fungus or molds building.
  • If your RV comes with vent covers, open them to allow the air to circulate so that there will be no stale air inside the RV when you open it.
  • You can also use fresh cabs or dryer sheets that will help you to get rid of mice or small rodents.

You can also think about an RV roof sealant which can protect your camper from rain and snow.


Appropriately protecting the exterior of the RV increases the lifespan. Whether you are storing the RV in the garage or parking in the drive away with a cover tied, follow these steps.

  • Clean your RV thoroughly by washing and waxing it before letting your RV into hibernation throughout the winter.
  • Thorough washing and waxing will remove any buildup that may damage the clear coating of the vehicle.
  • If your RV has an awning, then clean it thoroughly to prevent staining.
  • Ensure all your ceilings are airtight, and if you notice any damage to the ceilings, then repair it as early as possible.
  • If you have an RV cover, tie it tightly to the RV, which will protect the RV against dust and direct sunlight containing harmful UV rays that will fade your RV. If you do not have a cover, then buy it as it is essential to keep the RV free from dust and fading.

Safe parking

  • Before parking your RV, make sure that your RV is parked on a flat surface. If you park your RV on an improper surface, the trailer tires will continue excess strain due to improper weight distribution.
  • Place a wooden plank under the tires so that it protects the tires from the frozen ground. Make sure that the wood is long so that the tires do not hang over the sides.
  • You can also use wheel chocks to help your RV be in the same position and prevent any accidental movements. Also, ensure that the parking brakes are off.
  • Do not expose the tires to direct sunlight because the sunlight degrades the tires, and soon you will have to replace them with new tires.
  • It is recommended to inflate the tires because the air present in the tires contracts due to the cooler temperature. It is recommended to inflate the tire up to recommended PSI.


It is recommended to keep your engine in good condition because engine repairs are costlier.

  • Keep your RV with full gas.
  • You can add a bottle of fuel stabilizer.
  • Change the engine oil before putting the RV into hibernation.
  • Also, remove the batteries of the RV and store them in a cool and dry place. It is advised to store your batteries in wood.

By following all these tips, you will be ready to hit the road next year for a wonderful family vacation.