RVing For Newbies

This class is for those new to RVing or someone who wants to expand their knowledge in various RVing aspects.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to RVs, the abbreviations/terminology and some tools - FREE

Still not sure about difference between a grey tank and a black tank?  How about Class A vs Class C, this free introduction class is for you to begin your RV journey.

<Work in Progress>

Abbreviations/Terms Work in progress up through Letter S a/o Jun 11th 2021



Chapter 2 : Campground Etiquette - FREE

Chapter in development

Length: TBD

Chapter 3 : Introduction to RV Electricity Part 1 - Alternating Current - 120 V - FREE

In this chapter I will cover the basics of 120 Volt AC Electricity.

Length: TBD.

Chapter 4 : Introduction to RV Electricity Part 2- Direct Current - 12 V - FREE

In this chapter, I will cover the basics of the 12 volt Direct Current system, aka the battery system.

Length: TBD.

Joseph Testa


Hi, I’m Joe Testa, your instructor for RVing For Newbies class.

I have 15 yrs of RVing experience and am a Certified RV Inspector.

I also offer one-on-one mentoring for those who’d prefer a personal consultation at RV Mentor website.

Free - Chapter 1,2,3,4

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Premium - Chapter 5 and beyond

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