RVing For Newbies

This class is for those new to RVing or someone who wants to expand their knowledge in various RVing aspects.

Chapter 1 : Introduction/Types of RVs, Abbreviations/Terminology and Necessities - FREE

Still not sure about difference between a grey tank and a black tank?  How about Class A vs Class C, this free introduction chapter is for you to begin your RV journey.

Introduction/Types of RVs: Completed

Abbreviations/Terms: Completed, not exhaustive, got one you want added, email info@RVingForNewbies.com

Bare Necessities for first camping trip: Completed


Chapter 3 : Introduction to RV Electricity Part 1 - Alternating Current - 120 V - FREE

In this chapter I will cover the basics of 120 Volt AC Electricity.

Checking a 30A Campground Pedestal w/o a Breaker

Checking a 30A and/or a 50A Campground Pedestal with a Breaker <WIP>

Digital Line Checker


Polarity Checking

Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Hot-Skin Condition

Dog Bone Adapters


Length: TBD.

Chapter 4 : Introduction to RV Electricity Part 2- Direct Current - 12 V - FREE

In this chapter, I will cover the basics of the 12 volt Direct Current system, aka the battery system.


Lead Acid Battery



Battery Maintenance on Lead Acid Battery

Safety when working with batteries

Positive and negative poles

Colored Wire

Battery Tester

Battery Safety

How to connect and disconnect wires on batteries

Battery disconnect switches.

Length: TBD.

Joseph Testa


Hi, I’m Joe Testa, your instructor for RVing For Newbies class.

I have 15 yrs of RVing experience and am a Certified RV Inspector.

I also offer one-on-one mentoring for those who’d prefer a personal consultation at RV Mentor website.

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