There are so many things, but what I do BEFORE I even bother to level or anything else, is I check electrical pedestal for safety.

1. Using a non-contact voltage tester, i check the outside of the metal box before touching it.
2. Once I know it is safe, I open up the box to check on the breaker, if it is turned off, I then turn it on and then do #1 again.
3. If still good, I then using a multi-meter, check the voltage in the receptacle, making sure it is somewhere around 120V, nothing less than 110 or more than 130.

Still good, level the RV(depending on whether you are doing it manually or need electricity).

4. I plug in my surge protector, EMS and cord to the RV.
5. I check the surge protector LEDs so make sure it all looks good, the EMS to make sure it all looks good.

Hope that helps. Yes will be producing video for that soon 🙂

Here are the objects I use:

PIck this up, good stuff:  RV Electricity book:
Non-Contact Voltage Tester:
True RMS multi-meter:
Volt-meter/NVCT/polarity Tester:
Polarity/GFCI tester:
Digital Line Tester: