How many of you know what your tire code is on each of your tires.

What is a tire code?  It is the “born” on date as to when that tire is manufactured, it appears on the outside of the tire BUT it only appears on one side.

Depending on how the tire is mounted on the rim it could be on the outside(or the inside) of the tire.

Here is what one looks like(yes I used some chalk to make it more easily readable:

So mine is 3917, there are two parts, the first two numbers are the week of the year and the last two numbers are the year they were made, so for mine it is the 39th week of 2017.

The question here is “SO WHAT, why do I care?”,   Well as an RV owner, you need to care as the NHTSA says tires at max are good for 6-10 yrs.

For RVs, it is recommended to be replaced at most 6 yrs old:

NHTSA Tire Info <—- Here.

So how old are your tires?  Take a look today and see if yours are due to be replaced.

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