The easy answer is NO,

Now for the complex answer:

  1. Is your toilet a porcelain one? If yes, then maybe, if not porcelian then for sure NO.
  2. Household cleaning supplies to clean toilets contain harsh chemicals which can ruin seals in the toilet and your black tank,  things like Lysol and Clorox are not good for the toilet or the tubing to the black tank.

So what is the difference?:  RV toilets flush water and waste down into your black water holding tank while household toilets quickly move it out of your home’s plumbing system to either the city sewer system or a septic system.  Your black tank is NOT a septic system.  That is why I add additives, etc  to help break down waste in the black/grey tanks.

Using harsh chemicals has the potential to degrade break down the seals on the pull valves to dump your tanks, have you noticed when taking off the cap to attach your sewer hose and some water leaks out?  You could have a seal not working correctly anymore.