Review of Generark (now Geneverse) HomePower ONE Series


Disclaimer:  As all products reviewed by RV Mentor, this item was paid for by RV Mentor at full price, there was no discount or given free to me to do evaluation.  I am not an affiliate have no vested interest in giving a great review, this is an unbiased and fair review as of July 4th, 2022.

Equipment: 2 Solar Panels, 1 battery is 1000 Watts.

I performed 3 different test cases of utilizing the solar generator and one test case of charging via solar panels.

Test case #1 (Usage)

ResMed Air Sense 10, VPAP machine

First test:  Using it on 120V AC (with standard pack the machine comes with), (it is a pure sine wave inverter), so I could use the humidifier, ran for 8 hours, 23% of battery used, meaning 230 Watts of the 1000 watts of the battery were utilized, average of 28.75 watts per hour.

Second test: Using it on 12V DC using the 90 watt DC-to-DC converter, this will NOT heat the humidifier, ran for 10 hours, 25% of battery used, meaning 250 Watts of the 1000 watts of the battery were utilized, average of 25 watts per hour.

Test case #2 (Usage)

Working from the road while in my RV, no I was not driving.

2 laptops, cell phone and working remote, 8 days two weeks 4 days apiece, successfully while on the road, decided against running on-board gas generator and used this instead, worked flawlessly, used at max 27-29% of battery for 8 hours work on the road each time it was used, had luxury of being able to charge the battery back up on commercial power at each stop.

Test case #3 (Usage)

Using a drill to pump water.

Pumping water from 5.3-gallon bags into my RV freshwater tank while boondocking, using a drill powered by the solar generator, aka battery.  Ran it for about 5 mins, used 2% while drill ran a pump to completely empty the bags, 3 of them.  So was able to pump 15-16 gallons of water in about 5 mins and it barely even was utilized.

Test case (Charging):

Took the two 100-Watt solar panels (in Ohio), with a mostly sunny sky but there was intermittent shade depending on the time of the day, I spent part of the time moving the solar panels to they would be facing the sun most of the time.

Started at 50% empty, (see 1st picture) and they were cranking out 125Watts(see 2nd picture), 6 hours later it was at 98% before the sun would no longer be feasible as it was behind trees and was showing about 17 watts output (see3rd/ last picture)

In conclusion, completely and super happy with the devices.  Did I compare it to any others, NOPE, this was just a single comparison and happy with the company and equipment I chose.