Food for thought when contemplating buying a used RV.

Today’s topic is fluid analysis.  

What is Fluid Analysis?  Fluid analysis for a vehicle is equivalent to a blood test analysis for a human!

We know that the doctor can diagnose medical conditions by analyzing our blood. The doctor can tell if you have a viral or bacterial infection, detect numerous diseases including cancer, and treat your condition accordingly. As we all realize, early detection is very important—and that’s what Fluid Analysis is all about.

Much like a blood test, by analyzing the used oil or coolant from your engine, the earliest signs of contaminants and internal component wear can be identified.

  • Why is it important?  By having your engine oil and coolant fluid analyzed, you will be alerted to the unwanted and costly presence of dirt, coolant, fuel, and possibly any abnormal engine wear.

  • How is it done?, A sample of fluid is removed from the vehicle and sent away to a company to do analysis.

  • What kinds of fluids can be checked?, Oil, coolant(from motor and generator), are the most common that we do or RVs.

  • Who does it?, We can do it during an RV inspection or it can be ordered as a stand alone item if you have concerns on an already owned RV.

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