Maintenance Equipment

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Sta-bil Fuel Additive

I use this quite regularly if my RV will be sitting for more than 30 days.

Sea-Foam Fuel Additive

I use this in my fuel tank especially when storing for winter.


Use this for your electrical shore cord plug.

Battery Hydrometer

Use this to check electrolyte in maintenance(Lead Acid) type batteries.

Battery Fill Tube

Use this to be able to fill those maintenance free batteries with distilled water.

Battery Terminal Cleaner Tool

Use this to be able to clean your battery terminals when they get corroded.


Use this if  you want to be able to test for propane drop test/leaks in your RV propane system.

Tool to flush water heater

If you purchase this one I highly recommend you put a clamp where the grey tube meets the black part, otherwise you risk it popping off and ending up in your water heater tank.

Water Tank Flush Tool

Metal equivalent of plastic one with no chance of end coming off and dropping into your water heater tank.