Emergency Equipment

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Fire Blanket

I carry a couple of these in a cabinet near the stove, in the event of a fire on the stove, these can be used to hopefully smother it.  Have I had a chance to use them yet, thankfully no, but like a fire extinguisher I have them “in case”.

Fire Extinguisher

Couple of extra fire extinguishers is never a bad thing.


These I carry in case we have a reason to stop while traveling.


Roadside Emergency Kit

Not much needs to be said about this, always a good thing to have one.


WX Radio

This is one of those alerting type weather radios.  It also has AM/FM radio in addition to weather channels from NWS.  It has a small solar panel on top as well as a crank so you can charge it by hand.

Reflective Vest

If you have to get out of your RV while broke down on the road, this is one of those handy things to have put away in the RV somewhere.


First Aid Kit

Not sure much to say about having a 1st aid kit in the RV, other than it is a necessity.

Animal First Aid Kit

Travel with animals, you will want of these for those “just in case” type moments.


Safety Triangle

Road safety stuff, some maybe more comfortable with the safety triangles, get them below.


Emergency Water Filtration

I literally used this thing to drink water straight out of the Ohio River, no sanitation of the water, through the filter and into a cup and drank it.  No ill effects, heck no effect at all.


Emergency Power

I carry one of these in my RV, mostly to charge phones, etc but it canm be used to power cpap machines and other stuff, it is 1000 watts, lithium battery so you can run down to 0%.  I also bought two 100 watt solar panels to be able to charge it up w/o electricity also.