Chapter 16 – Propane

Chapter 16 – Propane

RV Propane System Check

This video is the RV user way to test your propane system for a leak, it requires you to have a stove top that will let you get access to the burners, so your stove top must be removeable.


Disclaimer: Working with LP(propane) gas can be dangerous. I am a certified RV Inspector and what I am going to show you in this video is how I do propane leak/drop test. It is NOT INSTRUSIVE, meaning we are not going to disconnect any propane lines but access the propane system via the stove top in your RV.

If you decide to work on your own RV LP system do the research and be aware of all risks involved. I accept no liability, you have been warned. – Joe The links below are Amazon affiliate links, so I make a small commission on each thing you buy but the cost does not change.


Gas Stop (ASME Fixed mounted tank):

Gas Stop (Portable/removable tanks):