Chapter 1 – Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

Dog Bone Adapters

If you have a 50Amp RV, you need a female 50A -> male 30A adapter for those times when you are at a 30A ONLY electrical pedestal. Keep in mind you cannot run your entire 50A RV on a 30A pedestal receptacle, see Advanced Course on Electricity for explanation.

If you have a 30Amp RV, you need a female 30A —> male 50A adapter for those times when you are at a 50A ONLY electrical pedestal.

Electrical Management Systems (EMS) & Surge Protectors

I recommend an EMS but if you choose for less protection at least have a surge protector.  An EMS protects you from high AND low voltage whereas a surge protector only protects you from high voltage.  Pick one of the EMS below or one of the surge protector based on your RV needs.

Combo Surge & EMS: Hughes Autoformer – Electrical Management System (EMS)

Hughes Autoformer 50Amp Hughes Autoformer 30 Amp


50 Amp RV EMS & Surge Protector

Progressive Industries EMS 50 Amp

Progressive Industries Surge Protector 50 Amp


30 Amp RV – EMS & Surge Protector

Progressive Industries Electrical Management System (EMS)

Progressive Industries Surge Guard Surge Protector (30A)

NCVT (Non-Contact Voltage Tester)

Used to check campground pedestal before touching it, see Chapter 3: Introduction to RV Electricity 120 Volts Alternating Current (AC), Checking of Campground Pedestal (Basic)


Simple Volt/Multi-meter

Heavy Duty Volt/Multi-meter

One of the most important things you can purchase after the RV, it is indispensable when trouble shooting electrical issues.

Fuses 12V DC

Be sure to pick up a couple 40A fuses also, will discuss why in Chapter 9 Electricity: Advanced

Polarity/GFCI Tester


RV Electricity book