Chapter 2 – Campground Etiquette

Campground Etiquette

Read the rules/regulations for the campground/park where you are staying.  Follow those first and foremost, if quiet hours are at 10P to 7A, follow them.  This is not the be all/end all items on campground etiquette, but it is some guidelines, and some taken from various campgrounds I have stayed at as part of those campground rules.

Example of Rules

  • Alcohol & Drugs: No public intoxication; no drug use; alcohol only allowed on your site; no profanity.
  • Attire: Appropriate dress at all times.
  • Black Water: NEVER EVER dump on the ground, only ever dump in legally approved dump site, it is raw sewage and a biohazard.
  • Campfires: In fire rings only, do not move fire rings, fires are not to be left unattended.
  • Campsites: Do NOT walk-through other campsites that are not yours, respect other people’s campsite space just like you would not want others walking through your living room, do not do it to others.
  • Check-In: 12:01PM
  • Check-out: 12:00PM
  • Children: Must always have adult supervision.
  • Cleanliness: We do our part, please do yours.  Always leave the campsite better than you found it, whether boondocking or at a campground.
  • Firearms and Fireworks: Strictly prohibited.
  • Gates to campground will be locked from 11:00PM – 6:00AM
  • Generators: Assuming you are boondocking, do not run your loud generator all day and night.  Granted you will want to charge your batteries, totally understandable.  If you are going to boondock often, at least think about installing a solar system to charge your batteries and use inverters to get the 120V AC you need for appliances, charging your phone, etc.
  • Golden rule while staying at our campground: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Grey Water: Never to be disposed on the ground.  If you have a problem with your system, contact the office.
  • Lighting (decorative and other): Turn off at 11:00PM
  • Littering: Not Allowed – cigarette butts are litter.
  • Pets: Leash length 6ft at most; do not leave unattended, leaving a barking dog is stressful for the dog and it is being rude to your campsite neighbors; pick up after them (yes this means when the dog poops); no aggressive pets.
  • Pool: Rules posted at pool; no lifeguard; hours 10:00AM – 9:00PM.
  • Quiet Time: 10:00PM – 8:00AM
  • Smoking: Not allowed in buildings or pool area.
  • Soliciting: Not allowed.
  • Trash: Dispose of in dumpsters.
  • Trees: No cutting, climbing, or other abuse.  No clotheslines.
  • Vandalism: You will be prosecuted.
  • Vehicles: One per site.
  • Visitors: Must check-in at office, no visitors after 11:00PM, you must pay separate fees for visitors staying at your site and using the pool.
  • Washing: No RV or other vehicles are to be washed.


Use common sense when camping, not sure if what you want to do is ok or not, ask the campsite owner/manager, ask to see the rules, and read them.

Am I missing some, feel free to email me to suggest edits to this page.