RVing For Newbies Course

This course is broken down into various chapters, almost like a book, you can take them in almost any order but highly recommend you take the basic Electricity ones before doing the Advanced one but there is nothing to keep you from having to take the basic ones first.

The ones with are the Free Chapters.

The ones with are the Premium, aka Paid Chapters.

IMPORTANT:  Content is still a work in Progress, join email list if you want to keep up to date for when the course will be released.

Chapter 1: Introduction to RVs, its terminology and some tools - FREE

  • Types of RVs:  A, B, C, TT, 5th, Popups, Truck Camper, Toy Haulers
  • Various RV Terms
  • Tools you should have the “Bare Minimum”

Chapter 2: Campground Etiquette - FREE

Things that you should and should NOT do when camping.

Chapter 3: RV Electricity - Alternating Current (AC) - 120 Volts - FREE

Basic Electricity

Pedestal Checking

  • NCVT – Non-Contact Voltage Tester
  • Polarity
  • Voltage
  • Hz

Chapter 4: RV Electricity - Direct Current (DC) - 12 Volts - FREE

Types of batteries

  • Wet Cell
  • AGM
  • Lithium

The nightmare of colored wiring in the RV system.


Chapter 7: Campground Info


  • National Parks
  • State Parks
  • Private Campgrounds


Pulling/Backing In